SWTOR Smuggler Scoundrel Build (Fastest PVE Leveling)

Looking for a SWTOR Smuggler Scoundrel Build for Fastest PVE Leveling? Look no further! SWTOR Dominance has some great SWTOR Builds that you can easily use to start your game on the right note.

SWTOR Smuggler Scoundrel Build Fastest PvE Leveling

SWTOR Smuggler Scoundrel Build for fast PVE leveling…What is this build all about?

  • A very potent Smuggler Scoundrel build for leveling especially for players who are just starting out in SWTOR
  • Dodging and fleeing while dealing damage is the primary focus of this Scoundrel leveling build
  • Most skill points are invested on the Scrapper Talent Tree
  • Aims to reach the final Scrapper Tree skill Flechette Round, which DOES NOT RESPECT GLOBAL COOLDOWN and DOES NOT BREAK STEALTH
  • Some points on healing (Survivor Scar’s and Surprise Comeback) to provide some survavibility desperately needed if you plan to go solo
  • Not much burst damage, but really great survavability overall.
  • Pros – Not too much of a DPS-type SWTOR Smuggler Scoundrel build for leveling, but you’ll survive better when you go solo
  • Cons – Might take some time to finish off opponents with because of fairly average DPS

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SWTOR Smuggler Scoundrel Build (Fastest PVE Leveling), 9.7 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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