(This is a collection of SWTOR Crew Skills Chart from various online sources. We do not claim the ownership of these Crew Skill Charts. Also, the words “Crafting” and “Production” are used interchangeably in this guide, but in reality these 2 words actually mean the same thing.)

If you have read my SWTOR Crafting Guide, you must know by now that some Crew Skills in Star Wars The Old Republic rely on each other in order to succeed. Just to give you a recap, there are 3 kinds of possible SWTOR Crew Skills that you can learn in the game: Mission Skills, Crafting/Production Skills and Gathering Skills. In essence, you can actually send one of your SWTOR Companions to do one of the Crew Skills for you while you go and accomplish other things simultaneously. The game allows you to learn 3 Crew Skills, but you can only learn 1 Crafting Skill out of those 3. (e.g. You can learn 2 or more Gathering/Mission skills, but you can only learn 1 Crafting Skill)


Definition of the three SWTOR Crew Skills

Mission Skills

The Mission Skills are responsible for accomplishing specific missions in-game. These missions can either open a new path or a story line that will allow you to progress in the game. Additionally, Missions Skills can also give you a chance to acquire specific items depending on the mission that you send your Companions to finish.

The 4 SWTOR Mission Skills are:

  • Diplomacy
  • Investigation
  • Treasure Hunting
  • Underworld Trading

Gathering Skills

SWTOR Gathering Skills are responsible for helping you acquire the raw materials needed to create custom items in the game. Basically, you send your Companion on a Gathering task and wait for him/her to return to you. When your Companion returns, he or she will usually carry a specific raw material that you can then use to craft items in SWTOR. The item that you acquire will depend on the kind of Gathering Mission you end your Companions to accomplish. In addition to that, you can also gather materials while exploring the game map and the locations of the nodes containing these items will usually appear on your mini-map.

The 4 SWTOR Gathering Skills are:

  • Archaeology
  • Bioanalysis
  • Scavenging
  • Slicing

Crafting Skills / Production Skills

Finally, SWTOR Crafting skills are the Crew Skills responsible for creating rare items in SWTOR. Using the raw materials that you acquired from using your Gathering and Mission Skills in the game, you can create new materials that are not usually found as drops in the map. If you hit a Crafting Critical Success, you can also produce equipments and gears that have Augmentations Slots. These Augmentation slots can hold Augments which are stat-boosting upgrades that you can place in your gears.

The 6 SWTOR Crafting Skills are:

  • Armortech
  • Armstech
  • Artifice
  • Biotech
  • Cybertech
  • Synthweaving


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SWTOR Crew Skills Chart

Like what I have been saying, some Crew Skills in SWTOR rely on each other in order to succeed. For example, the Crafting Skill “Cybertech” utilizes the materials that you acquire from doing Scavenging (Gathering) and Underworld Trading (Mission) in order to succeed. To make it simple, Gathering and Mission Skills “support” Crafting Skills in SWTOR.

Why is a SWTOR Crew Skills Chart important?

A Crew Skill Chart shows you the connection between the 3 SWTOR Crew Skills so you won’t have to do a lot of analysis and guess work in choosing which crew skills to learn. For optimal purposes and maximum profits, a player should generally choose to learn only those Crew Skills that are supporting each other. You definitely don’t want to learn a Crafting Skill if you don’t have the corresponding Mission / Gathering Skills that will support the acquisition of the needed raw materials. If you learn a Crafting Skill but you can’t acquire the raw materials needed to start creating items, what is the essence of learning that Production Skill in the first place?

Here are some SWTOR Crew Skill Maps that can pinpoint to you which Crew Skills are supporting each other

swtor crew skills chart

SWTOR Crew Skill Map 1

swtor crew skills chart dependencies

SWTOR Crew Skill Map 2

SWTOR Crew Skills Map

SWTOR Crew Skill Map 3

SWTOR crew skills chart map


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