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Do you want to know how to acquire SWTOR Credits? Of course you do! Whether you are a newbie that is just starting to learn the game or a veteran SWTOR player who has already reached the maximum SWTOR level cap, a pocket full of credits is always a big help. Some prefer to farm credits while others choose to buy SWTOR credits from farmers. However, it is undeniable that every MMO gamer will always have something to use their money for, and having a lot of in-game money to spend can definitely speed up your domination of the Star Wars The Old Republic.

But how do you acquire credits without being forced to buy SWTOR Credits anyway?

Just like any other MMO game, there are some surefire way to gain millions of in-game money. Some like to buy SWTOR credits for sale while some like to grind their way to their millions. But even though these methods are readily available to everyone in the game, they take a lot of time and effort (and real money, don’t you forget) to be able to pull off. If you ask me, I think it is better in the long run to learn how to create your own, consistent source of profits instead of having to buy SWTOR credits every time your supply runs low.

If you want my opinions on how you can earn credit to help you improve your level of play in SWTOR, here are some of the most efficient ways in my experience:

Buy low and sell high on the Galactic Trade Network

The Galactic Trade Network (GTN) is SWTOR’s version of the World of Warcraft (WoW) auction house. Now, if you were a WoW gamer before you played SWTOR, you will surely realize that you can make a lot of riches by being smart in buying and selling items on the server’s economic trading hub, right? Not everything is solved if you buy SWTOR credits – remember that you will soon run out of “real money” to buy credits too! Buying and selling in the GTN can help you avoid the constant need to buy SWTOR credits from gold farmers.

If you can buy items low and sell them high, the profits will certainly build up and you will be surprised to see that you have already earned a lot of credits. But the question is, which items can be bought low and sold high? If you make a bad decision on this one, you will certainly LOSE a lot of money instead of making them.

Buying and selling in the GTN is a bit tricky because the server’s economy depends on the player population. If, for example, most of the players in your server chose to become Jedi Knights, then price for items, equipments and mounts for SWTOR Jedi Knights will definitely jump up to an all-time high too (simply because there are a lot of players competing to acquire them). So in short, you must have a “gut feel” for what is “in demand” within the current server economy. Otherwise, you might be forced to purchase SWTOR Credits from farmers if you lose your money buying and selling the wrong items at the GTN.

Master Crafting, Mission and Gathering Skills

Another surefire way of creating massive credits (and not buy SWTOR credits of course) is to master the Crew Skills in SWTOR. By knowing which items to gather, craft and send missions for, you can create another valuable source of profit without the need to haggle for items every time.

There are SWTOR players who focus only on learning the Mission and Gathering Crew skills. This type of players are what we call the “Mat (Material) Farmers” and they can really make a huge amount of money by just farming raw materials for the sole purpose of selling. The problem is, Mat Farmers also depend on what is “popular” in the economy. If one material stops being popular, Mat Farmers might also see a huge drop-off from their earnings too. Most Mat Farmers will not need to buy SWTOR credits though because they are the ones selling credits to other players.

To combat this problem, some players choose to mix both Gathering or Mission skills with their Crafting Skills. However, there are a lot of factors that you must anticipate and analyze if you are to succeed in mastering all the three Companion Crew Skills. You might need a lot of experience or a guide to help you find the right set of companion crew skills to learn.

Treasure Hunting and Slicing for SWTOR Credits

In the past (during the SWTOR beta), there was a skill abuse / skill exploit on the Slicing Crew Skill that will allow you to make a lot of SWTOR credits by slicing specific items. (If you don’t know what Slicing is, you can refer to this SWTOR Crafting Guide). However, this SWTOR Credits exploit was already nerfed in the current version of SWTOR so you might find it difficult to get the same amount of SWTOR Credits by just doing slicing.

Treasure Hunting is also another way that you can make some SWTOR Credits in game. By collecting rare raw materials that other players will gladly pay a good amount of money for, you can increase your hoard of profits too. But again, success chances for finding rare mats to be sold has also been nerfed, making the accumulation of money quite slow today compared to the previous SWTOR versions.

But … Is there an easy SHORTCUT to acquire millions of SWTOR Credits without the need to buy SWTOR Credits at all?


If you have been able to gain benefit from the miracles of the SWTOR Savior game guide in the past, you are in for another surprise in the newest guide from the brilliant minds behind SWTOR Savior. Focusing solely on how to make money in WHATEVER kind of economy that your SWTOR server might be in, SWTOR Credit Savior is surely the FASTEST, EASIEST and SUREST way to get millions of SWTOR Credits without breaking your back farming like a bot all day.

Swtor Credits Savior

 So what is inside SWTOR Credit Savior?

SWTOR Credit Savior aims to make your gaming experience much more fun to behold by eliminating the need to “farm all day” to get meager amounts of SWTOR Credits. By showing you step-by-step actions and through text and video instructions on how to make credits in SWTOR, this “gold guide” will help you get the most out of your playing experience in Star Wars The Old Republic.

SWTOR Credit Savior allows you to:

  • Level faster by being able to fight higher level mobs (of course, more SWTOR credits = uber-gears for your level which will allow you to take on higher level mobs)
  • Get the best gears and equipment relative to your current level without resorting to buy SWTOR Credits
  • Fly-by flashpoints and missions with ease
  • Learn the important things to buy and avoid in the Galactic Trade Network
  • Systematize your crafting, mission and gathering skills for maximum profit
  • Make your Companions secretly generate you some money passively (a lot of players miss doing this)
  • Acquire more mods for your gears without being forced to buy SWTOR Credits from farmers
  • Maximize your ship upgrades. Now Space Missions are a breeze!
  • Make more SWTOR Credits by following tried-and-tested GTN listing strategies
  • Enter flashpoints at an earlier level (because of your uber-gear) and get more experience along with massive Dark and Light points rewards
  • Acquire massive Commendation Bonuses
  • Deal massive damage with uber-gears (and take little or none in return)
  • Get insane PVP bonuses
  • Free 1080p videos to guide you step-by-step so you won’t get lost in the mix of things.
  • Avoid having to resort to buy SWTOR credits for sale. By mastering the the strategies in this SWTOR Credits guide, you can even be the one to SELL SWTOR CREDITS!
  • Make more fun out of the game by not running out of SWTOR credits  and not being forced to buy in-game money anymore!


SWTOR Credits Savior Galactic Trade Network

SWTOR Credits Savior Gears 2

SWTOR Credits Savior Gears

If you DON’T want to turn into a Level 50 SWTOR player with absolutely NO CREDITS, RUBBISH GEAR and become the LAUGHING STOCK of your faction…



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