Do you know why Aeon SWTOR guide is considered the “SWTOR Blackbook”?

If you were a world of warcraft gamer, you surely have heard of the guild Exodus, Premonition and Ensidia, right? Or if you are a Rift player, i am certain that the guild Maximization might have rung a bell or two in your ears. Now, take the top players from all of those well-known gaming guilds, let them play SWTOR and allow them to create a no-nonsense guide that will help you dominate Star Wars The Old Republic even if you are just a newbie player in the game. How does that sound like?

Dubbed  as the “Gaming Guide For Professionals, Written By Professionals“, Aeon SWTOR Guide is probably the closest that you can get to the unique gaming style of elite SWTOR players from all around the world. A product of collective efforts from the top players in the most popular online games today, Aeon SWTOR Guide makes it easy even for a total noob to dominate SWTOR with its up-to-date SWTOR guide, tips, hints and gameplay suggestions.

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So, the question that many players want to know, is Aeon SWTOR Guide Legit? Or is Aeon Swtor Guide a Scam?

To be honest with you, I will say that Aeon Swtor Guide is 100% legit. It is no fluke and it is definitely not a scam. The reputation and the name of top gaming guilds in the world today have been laid on the line to deliver a massive database that will help any SWTOR player get the most out of his gaming time in Star Wars The Old Republic. If you are a noob who is just starting to play SWTOR, you should not worry about getting this guide because it contains step-by-step instructions that you can easily follow without difficulties.

On the other hand, intermediate and advanced SWTOR players are also given a chance to expand their gaming skills if they buy Aeon Swtor Guide. With the detailed PVP Builds, Faction Analysis and Credit Guides, you will surely get a lot of advantage over other SWTOR players in the end-game if you buy Aeon SWTOR Guide and have it right by your side.

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Is it worth it to buy Aeon SWTOR Guide?

Aeon SWTOR Guide is one of the best SWTOR Guides out there. Period. In fact, the only other SWTOR Guide I know that can make a run for the money is SWTOR Savior, but there are still a lot of things that Aeon SWTOR has that makes it an excellent choice for some SWTOR players. If you are interested to buyAeon SWTOR Guide, here are some of the most important features that you must know:

  • Aeon SWTOR Guide is created by players from top gaming guilds in the world such as Maximization (Rift), Ensidia (WoW), Exodus (WoW) and Premonition (WoW). If you buy Aeon SWTOR Guide, you will get to use the strategies of these top players.
  • Quality is assured. No-nonsense and absolutely no thin content
  • Aeon SWTOR Guide is Noob-friendly for SWTOR beginners
  • Aeon SWTOR Guide contains a Talent Tree Structure Guide. Now you won;t have to guess where to put those precious skill points once you buy Aeon SWTOR Guide
  • It has a tried-and-tested set of PVP builds. No more end-game PVP crisis for intermediate to advanced SWTOR players for those who buy Aeon SWTOR Guide.
  • Aeon SWTOR Guide offers the best farming builds and rotation for faster leveling experience
  • Special character builds such as Tank Builds, Damage-Per-Second (DPS) builds and Heal-per-second (HPS) builds
  • Aeon SWTOR Guide Covers both the Empire and the Republic. No need to choose a specific faction for the guide to work once you decide to buy Aeon SWTOR Guide.
  • Unique Power-leveling guide that will get you to the level 50 cap limit in 5-10 days max.
  • Epic item acquisition guide. Get the best armors, weapons and mounts for your character.
  • Complete walkthrough on where to place your precious Talent Points, as you go on each level with each different class.
  • Aeon Guide SWTOR does not support hacks or cheats. This is 100% legit and you won’t have to worry about your precious account

If that wasn’t enough, here are additional features from Aeon SWTOR Guide

  • Aeon SWTOR Guide offers free technical and professional support. When you buy Aeon SWTOR Guide, you won’t have to worry about anything
  • Aeon SWTOR Guide is compatible for use on iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Now you can even study SWTOR while in school!
  • Free Regular Updates. If SWTOR has a new game patch or game update, rest assured that Aeon SWTOR Guide will also update its information database for its subscribers too.

If you are looking for the most useful SWTOR crafting guide, SWTOR companion guide and SWTOR epic item hunting guide, you’ll surely love to buy Aeon SWTOR guide and have it right by your side. A lot of players have benefited from the acquisition of an Aeon SWTOR Guide and you will definitely learn that if you buy Aeon SWTOR Guide, it offers you one of the best strategies on how to dominate SWTOR without wasting your time and money.


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